Million Dollar Red

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Million Dollar red wall

温暖的, 大胆的, and dramatic: three words that perfectly describe 本杰明摩尔's Million Dollar Red (2003-10). Million Dollar Red is part of the Color Preview collection, described by 本杰明摩尔 as "A collection of 大胆的, saturated colors that brings spaces to life for those looking to illuminate their world with pure, extraordinary color." Red can bring energy and a focal point to both interior and exterior spaces. 下面, we will explore how Million Dollar Red paint can breathe life into indoor and outdoor spaces alike.

Million Dollar Red paint can be used for interiors in a variety of ways. Like this beach-themed bedroom, the vibrant red can add life to a room by being the main color used on walls. By utilizing Million Dollar Red on all walls, the light colored accents are given the opportunity to pop.

A cheery red bedroom with a coastal vibe, courtesy of 本杰明摩尔.

Red can be a focal point in an otherwise neutral space. This can be seen in both photos below showing the family calendar and child's bedroom, both featuring accents in Million Dollar Red.

A family calendar in Million Dollar Red adds a punch of color.

Million Dollar Red accents blue and white elements in this child's bedroom.

Used as an exterior accent, Million Dollar Red is a great color for a front door and can complement styles from coastal to modern to farmhouse. 

This front door in Million Dollar Red gives a modern and inviting vibe. 

Million Dollar Red by 本杰明摩尔 is a versatile color for both interior and exterior use. Get inspired by this warm red to complete your summer projects. 网上购物 在这里 for in-store pick-up, curbside pick-up or delivery within 5 miles of your neighborhood 光谱英皇 location. 

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